What is Support Directory?

SupportDirectory is the online guide to Australian health, disability and home-support services. It’s a website like TripAdvisor that provides a free and comprehensive directory of personal support products and services nationwide, which can be easily searched by supplier names, categories and location.

What’s it for?

At SupportDirectory we are committed to consumer-directed care and empowering people through choice. The directory makes it easy for people to find something better by giving them real choice and the tools to find what they really need.

What does it cost?

There are no fees for listing on SupportDirectory. Use of the site is entirely free of charge for the public and
for all suppliers.

Who owns Support Directory?

SupportDirectory is privately owned by a group of people with many years experience in aged care and disability support who want to give people more control over the choices that can change lives.

How many listings are on Support Directory?

More than 2000 listings.

Who else is listed on Support Directory?

The directory is open to all providers of health, disability and home support products and services. There are no hidden priority search functions – SupportDirectory presents all available search results by either alphabetical order or proximity of location.

How many listings can I/my enterprise have on Support Directory?

You can have as many listings as you have offices or locations – so that users can search by location and find their nearest providers.

What area does Support Directory cover?

All of Australia.

What type of services/products are listed in Support Directory?

SupportDirectory is a comprehensive directory of all Australian health, disability and home support services, covering personal care or support for living independently; aids and equipment; assisted transport; opportunities for activities and leisure; products and services for fitness and wellbeing; and information on government and charitable support programs.