December 21, 2015

People power on the rise

A pronounced increase in the number of people using in NDIS trial sites indicates that people power is already transforming the disability services sector.

‘‘We are seeing increasing traffic across most support categories in the NDIS sites,’ said SupportDirectory’s John Roberts. ‘Based on feedback we’ve received, several hundred people in the greater Barwon area changed their providers or accessed new services in the past year. ‘People are using SupportDirectory to identify local services that they could not access under previous funding arrangements or did not know existed.

‘People are telling us their lives have been markedly improved - in some cases simply by changing the way services are delivered; and in other cases by finding services that are a better fit for individuals’ goals.’

Providers are also responding to the public’s changing expectations by adding new services or partnering with providers of complementary services.

‘We’ve been pleased by the enthusiasm shown by most providers to be part of the solution, by verifying their listings and keeping them up to date,’ Mr Roberts said. ‘It’s the support we need to ensure that as the NDIS rolls out across the country SupportDirectory can provide people with disabilities and their families with real choice and control over the decisions that can change lives.’